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Investment Club

/prōˈso͞omər/  noun.

1. A producer and consumer hybrid.

Pro  sumer

Take the prosumer approach to investing

What is an Investment Club?


This Investment Club provides its members access to a portfolio of housing options. Membership is attained by investing in our prosumer housing program. Your membership (as a shareholder) provides you the exclusive right to live in a home as long as you want while giving you the option to relocate to sister properties. As a member, you have a vote in the GenWealth affairs.  

How This Investment Club Benefits You


Sustainable Development


Self-Sufficient Living


Financial Literacy

Other Benefits Include:

Collective Investment Strategy

Access to Affordable Housing

Investment Opportunities

Rebuilding Your Community

Limited Investment Risk

Personal Growth & Financial Literacy

Ownership of a Diverse Portfolio

Create Generational Wealth


What do you get?

Quarterly Investment Meetings & Classes

Lifetime Access to Investment Training Videos

Exclusive Discount on Personal Finance Coaching

Access To Prosumer Investments

Full Access To Members-Only Discussion Forum

Our Strategic Focus Areas

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