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Modern Villa

All About Us

Discovering New Heights

Destined Living is a privately-owned residential development and investment company that specializes in rehabilitation and innovative construction in urban communities.  Our mission is to revitalize communities and minimize displacement by implementing special programs and taking social action. 


Destined Living seeks to combat the undervaluation of black communities and make a positive impact on black wealth accumulation.  Due to our extensive experience in the industry, we focus on assisting our clients during every phase of infrastructural development while striving to cultivate an incomparable style.

Our Core Values consist of:

  • BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS - Build life-long client relations

  • INNOVATION - Focus on residential innovation

  • COMMUNITY DRIVEN - Promote development that embodies its community and group economics

  • SUSTAINABILITY - Sustaining Destiny™ Initiative

  • AESTHETICALLY PLEASING - Create an aesthetically pleasing environment

  • QUALITY - Deliver premium quality projects


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