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Coaching is proven to help improve your finances.

Only 25% of Americans have a written financial plan.

- Charles Schwab,2018

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Tralae J., Houston, Tx

Sherman was a great coach for me when I was beginning my journey to financial freedom. The classes he taught for money management were easy to follow and understand and if you had any questions he was knowledgeable and had the answers ready to give. He worked with our schedules and was readily accessible if needed. He was able to design a monthly budget that allowed me to save more, watch my daily spending and prepare for investing. Thank you for your help.

Jessica W., Dallas, Tx

Sherman not only made me feel that I could, but he also proved to me that I could get out of debt while still saving, and not having to sacrificing my firstborn. He helped me evaluate my spending and create a realistic budget to reach my financial goals in less than five years. (That was less than half the time of doing on my own). The best part of the whole experience was never feeling judged, being encouraged to make the changes, and showing how little changes make a huge difference. Sherman is your coach, especially if you are prideful when asking for help. Thank you so much for your help and guidance.

Georgette A., Houston, Tx

The comprehensive course material was broken down for each individual to understand. Key aspects of the course catered to you and your budget thus eliminating one size fit all tendencies of other programs. Overall well worth the investment!

Practical. Effective. Notably Pleasing.



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It's easy to let life get in the way of change. Take 5-minutes to schedule your consultation and be one step closer to a financially free future.

Financial Report


Meet your coach.

Time to take a dive into the trenches.  You'll meet with your coach and establish you short, mid, and long-term financial goals.



Follow your roadmap.

The proof is in the pudding. You will receive a Personal Spending Plan that provides a snapshot of your money and a plan to achieve your goals.

What you can expect on your 20-minute consultation call.

An open, transparent, and judge-free dialogue.

A high-level review of your money goals.

Identify your lifestyle needs and sentiments towards money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a financial coach?

A financial coach is your money friend.  Your Personal Money Coach will be obligated to act in your best interest when it comes to reviewing and assessing all aspects of your current financial health - including income, assets/liabilities, credit/debt, personal spending plan, insurance, investment risk tolerance, and any other factors needed to create your personalized roadmap to success.

Financial coaching varies from the professional finance-related jobs such as CPAs and financial advisors. Financial coaches often build long-term working relationships with their clients that focus on creating a spending plan and discovering excess money that can help you achieve your long-term goals. No matter the situation, our financial coaches meet with you one-on-one to help you overcome the challenges that hinder your financial growth.

When do you need a financial coach?

It’s advisable to work with a coach if you need guidance with the day-to-day handling of your money and need to secure a better financial future. If you answer “yes” to any of the below questions then you will benefit from our services.

  • Are you living paycheck to paycheck?

  • Are you struggling to build emergency savings?

  • Are you paying bills late?

  • Have you been unable to make and see progress with your financial goals?

  • Do you need an accountability and guidance partner in finances?

  • Would you have to borrow money if an emergency exceeding $500 came up?

  • Do you need advice on basic investing concepts to grow your money?

Are you going to try and sell me products or manage my money?

Unlike financial advisors, we do not sell insurance or investment products. Financial professions sell investment products while we educate and empower you to manage and control your money.

Do you work with people who are financially stable?

Yes! Everyone can do more to enhance their finances.  For Money Master clients, we help them plan how to invest more aggressively, save more, analyze the efficiency of their portfolio diversification, and more. We keep you accountable and help you stay on track.

How do I pay for coaching when I'm already struggling?

Coaching is meant to put money back in your pocket, not take it out. However, the inability to financially support good money management habits echoes the need for our services.  Working with a Personal Money Coach is the best way to accelerate gaining good money habits, increasing money consciousness, and building wealth.  Our programs are designed to meet you where you are and develop the ideal plan to get you where you want to be.  Instead of asking, "Can I afford a coach?", ask yourself, "Can I afford to go another day without a coach?".

There is no better way to gain good money habits than by having a Personal Money Coach who understands your current situation. Never be ashamed to be open and honest about your financial struggles when working with your coach. We are here to motivate, encourage, and prepare you for success. No matter your current situation, there is always a way out and we will find it.

Do you work with couples?

Yes! We understand that managing multiple incomes and money perspectives can be overwhelming.  Our focus is always working as a team to determine the best goals for you and your spouse.  Pricing for couples varies from that of individuals, but just as budget-friendly.

How do I prepare for my money call?

Don't stress! We're here to help! To prepare, simply begin thinking about your financial goals and dreams.  Think about your current money habits and areas that can be improved.  Remember, we will create the plan to help you achieve, just get the thoughts going on the new life you see for yourself and your money.

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